Technical Issues with Subscriptions

Just this week I migrated my blog from Typepad to WordPress. As I am a technical novice, this tested my abilities on such things. However, it seems to have gone alright, though there are some broken links on some images from old postings.

On my old Typepad blog, I posted yesterday that the subscriptions – RSS feed and email – from my old blog would no longer work, and that folks who wanted to keep subscribed to my blog would have to re-subscribe using the WordPress tools. However, I think I was wrong. I believe that I have configured the old subscription tools (RSS and email via Feedburner) so that the old subscriptions will continue to work on my new blog platform. So, for the few of you who may have signed up using the WordPress subscription tools, I believe the Feedburner tools I have been using for years will still work.

Thanks for bearing with me.


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One thought on “Technical Issues with Subscriptions

  1. I use Google Reader and have continued to receive posts, including a few older posts (ironically, on the topic of healthcare), dated as June 29. I assume that’s just a glitch, as the feed system adjusts!

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