Violence Pollution

Polluted air will affect a small number of people more than most. The majority who are pretty healthy will have few, if any, ill effects. Those with certain conditions will become sicker and sicker, even to the point of death.

Our cultural air has become polluted with violence, and our society littered with firearms. This pollution doesn’t trigger an ill-effect in most people who are able to filter out the pollutants. But for a small number of people with certain tendencies – and for those who happen to be nearby them – this pollution can prove to be deadly.

We need to reduce the pollutants of violence in our culture and access to firearms in our society. Reducing these pollutants hurts nobody. And benefits everybody.

Let’s consume, condone, and glorify violence less. Let’s make high capacity ammunition clips and high powered weapons harder to get.

For the sake of those who are less able to filter out the pollutants, and for those of us who unsuspectingly live and work alongside of them, let’s clean up, just a little bit, the cultural and social mess we’ve made.

Published by Chris Duckworth

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3 thoughts on “Violence Pollution

  1. I take it this might rule out arming every teacher with a gun to prevent violence in schools?!

  2. Australia would be a good place to start looking for a model of a country which has enacted gun control legislation recently. It seems to have made a significant difference. It’s important to realize, I think, that no single step or measure is going to be enough. The problem is too complex. This, however, is not a sufficient reason to do nothing. It’s long past time to get started, and save the lives that can be saved.

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