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2007 Mets fell harder, faster than 2011 Red Sox, Braves

Wow. Looking at the headlines, you would think that nothing like the Red Sox AL Wild Card collapse has ever, ever happened. But it has. Recently. Back on September 12, 2007 the New York Mets had a 7 game lead … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods, Figure Skating, et al: Sport or Show?

Though this blog is usually focused on church and ministry-related themes, I couldn't help myself.  There are a few sports stories out there today that I just demanded my attention. Thomas Boswell, the excellent sports columnist for the Washington Post, … Continue reading

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Foul! Baseball’s Unfortunate Forray Into Replay

Today Major League Baseball announced that instant replay will come to a major league stadium near you starting Thursday.  Replay will be limited to the review of disputed home run calls to determine if the ball is fair vs. foul, … Continue reading

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A night at the ballpark with my daughter

Tonight was one of the best nights of my life – a night out with Tali, my 4 year-old daughter, at the ballpark.  It was my first ballgame of the year, and the first game Tali and I ever attended … Continue reading

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Baseball Stadiums as Holy Ground

Why is the Pope saying Mass at Nationals Park and Yankee Stadium this week?  Surely in Washington and New York there are larger venues – RFK Stadium and the National Mall in DC, Giants Stadium and Central Park in New  … Continue reading

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Why Baseball is Superior to Football

I watched the Super Bowl and enjoyed it.  After three slow quarters of play, the fourth quarter was exciting and suspenseful.  It was a very good game. However, even in the rare event of a competitive and entertaining Super Bowl … Continue reading

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Phillies’ New Alternate Home Uniform (Yawn)

The Phillies today unveiled their new alternate home jersey.  It’s a cream-colored shirt and pant uniform without pinstripes.  The team name is written in the familiar script, and a red stripe runs down each leg.  Throw in the blue hat … Continue reading

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