Martin Luther on Prayer

In a letter to his barber, Martin Luther recommends that Christians pray the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed and Lord’s Prayer.  Yet beyond reciting these traditional texts, he suggests that after each line or phrase of these texts we meditate upon them in a “four-fold garland” method of praying: Instruction: seek what these words have toContinue reading “Martin Luther on Prayer”

Liturgy, Copyrights, and the Internet, revisited

Two years ago I was denied permission to publish an edited version of Responsive Prayer from Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) on my blog, and was forced to take down the order of prayer that I had been posting for several months (see past post, Daily Prayer Permission Denied – note that some links in thatContinue reading “Liturgy, Copyrights, and the Internet, revisited”

Online Daily Prayer

I commend to you The Daily Office.  After the disheartening experience of being denied permission to publish a modified version of the simple order of Responsive Prayer from Evangelical Lutheran Worship, I’ve been posting a bare bones order of prayer with daily lectionary readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.  My hope is to eventually developContinue reading “Online Daily Prayer”

Thinking About Prayer

I am very satisfied with my order of daily prayer, which I can no longer post online due to copyright restrictions.  Yet this experience – and the comments on that post – has encouraged me to reflect further about what a particularly Lutheran approach to prayer looks like.  Back in September I pushed back againstContinue reading “Thinking About Prayer”

Daily Prayer Permission Denied

Augsburg Fortress has denied me permission to publish my Order of Daily Prayer online (here and here) due to copyright issues.  I am not surprised, but I am disappointed.  My Order of Daily Prayer is an amended form of Responsive Prayer from Evangelical Lutheran Worship. It incorporates each Sunday’s prayer of the day, and prayersContinue reading “Daily Prayer Permission Denied”