Daily Prayer for the Second Week in Lent

The (old) Daily Prayer Page has been updated for the Second Week in Lent.  This week includes two commemorations:  February 14, Cyril and Methodius, missionaries; and February 18, Martin Luther, renewer of the church.

I’ll continue to update the old Daily Prayer Page for a few weeks, but my hope is that regular users of the Daily Prayer Page will migrate over to Daily Prayer Delivered, my new prayer blog.  Daily Prayer Delivered offers daily installments of prayer – rather than a week’s worth crammed on one page – on its website, via rss feed or email.

Let us pray.

Daily Prayer Delivered

The Daily Prayer Page is the most visited page on my blog, apart from the main page.  However, in order to use it visitors must go to the page itself, which is updated once per week with a list of readings for each day in the week.  The page is slightly cumbersome, for sure.  There is no daily RSS feed or email subscription available for folks to view the material through their personal Yahoo, AOL or Google webpages or through email.

Well, that’s just changed.

Introducing Daily Prayer Delivered, my new daily prayer blog that allows readers to receive daily prayer with Bible readings each evening in their inbox or via an RSS feed on their personal websites (My Yahoo!, iGoogle, etc.) or feed readers.  This blog will be updated everyday, allowing readers to receive daily prayer on a daily basis (wow!).

[Technical note, for you who care about these things: I am not actually updating the blog everyday.  I will be sitting down once/week to update the blog.  Through the genius of Copy/Paste and Scheduled Posts – posts that I can write now to be published at a later date – I can easily create a week’s worth of daily posts without much effort.]

The Daily Prayer Page will stick around, for now.  But I hope that you’ll find the new Daily Prayer Delivered site to be more helpful and useful in your practice of daily prayer.

Easy subscription links and info available below.

Let us pray.

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Daily Prayer, Epiphany 3, a day late

Sorry for the late update to my Daily Prayer Page – sick kids and a complicated work and family schedule this week pushed blogging to the back burner.  But the page is now updated with readings and prayers for the days surrounding the Third Sunday after the Epiphany (Epiphany 3), a week that includes:

  • Conversion of Paul (Friday, January 25)
  • Commemoration of Timothy, Titus, and Silas (Saturday, January 26)
  • Commemoration of Lydia, Dorcas and Phoebe (Sunday, January 27)
  • Commemoration of Thomas Aquinas (Monday, January 28)

Let us pray.

Daily Prayer around Second Sunday after Epiphany

The Daily Prayer Page has been updated to include prayers and daily lectionary readings for the days leading to and flowing from the Second Sunday after the Epiphany (January 17 through January 23).  This is a busy week, as it includes several commemorations and a festival:

  • January 17 – Commemoration of Antony of Egypt
  • January 18 – Festival of the Confession of Peter
  • January 19 – Commemoration of Henry, Bishop of Uppsala
  • January 21 – Commemoration of Agnes

Let us pray.

Prayer Podcast Punted

My short-lived experience as a daily prayer podcaster is coming to a close.  For a week I provided MP3s of my Order of Daily Prayer with daily lectionary readings.  And though the time commitment was not significant – only 20 minutes, slightly longer than it takes to do the devotion itself – there were three problems with this effort:

  • Prayer as performance – Conducting my devotion in front of a microphone made me conscious of how I spoke the words of my daily prayer regimen.  I became concerned with diction, speed, and noises most other folks don’t want to hear, such as my phone ringing or my throat being cleared.  Focus shifted from prayer to performance.  Not good.
  • Time crunch – trying to get the podcast recorded and posted everyday by late afternoon required that I be in front of my computer to do my devotion earlier in the day.  And then I had to carve out about 20 minutes when I could be uninterrupted.  In the end, it was getting to be nuisance to think of when I could make a "clean" recording in time for a late afternoon posting.
  • Getting out of sync – each day I was recording the next day’s devotion so that potential listeners could download it for use on the proper day.  This screwed up my own schedule and life, and for a few days I was writing the wrong date on all my papers and letters.  I even erroneously updated the readings on my Daily Prayer page a day in advance, making it impossible for folks who wanted to use my daily prayer page for devotion today.  Sorry about that!

It may come back.  It may not.  But for now, the short life of the Daily Prayer Podcast is over.

Podcasting Problem: Converting WAV to MP3 format

Earlier this week I began a simple Daily Prayer Podcast.  With a Micromemo voice recorder on my 80 GB iPod Classic it is really easy to create a pretty good recording (this ain’t recording studio stuff, but good enough for me).  The only problem is that the Micromemo creates WAV files – which are huge and take forever to upload.  Does anyone know how I can easily convert my Micromemo voice recordings from WAV to MP3 format?

FYI, I run iTunes on Windows XP.


Daily Prayer Podcasts . . .

I’m dabbling with a new aspect of my Daily Prayer bloggingpodcasting the Daily Prayer over at my new Daily Prayer Podcast site.  Neither the site nor the podcast are not too fancy.  The site needs work and the podcast is just me reciting a slightly amended version of the Order of Daily Prayer, along with the readings for the day.  Perhaps this might be of interest for folks who listen to their iPod while commuting to work or exercising . . . Perhaps not!  Either way, it’s worth a try.  My blog’s Daily Prayer page is the most visited of all of my blog’s pages and posts.

In order to do this, I’m using my new iPod with a Micromemo voice recorder, with which I’ll also record sermons and which my wife might use for her lectures and research.

Like I said, we’ll see if this works – for me or for anybody else out there in the blogosphere.  But however we do it . . . Let us pray.