Daily Prayer for the Second Week in Lent

The (old) Daily Prayer Page has been updated for the Second Week in Lent.  This week includes two commemorations:  February 14, Cyril and Methodius, missionaries; and February 18, Martin Luther, renewer of the church. I’ll continue to update the old Daily Prayer Page for a few weeks, but my hope is that regular users ofContinue reading “Daily Prayer for the Second Week in Lent”

Daily Prayer, Epiphany 3, a day late

Sorry for the late update to my Daily Prayer Page – sick kids and a complicated work and family schedule this week pushed blogging to the back burner.  But the page is now updated with readings and prayers for the days surrounding the Third Sunday after the Epiphany (Epiphany 3), a week that includes: ConversionContinue reading “Daily Prayer, Epiphany 3, a day late”