Part Revival, Part Book Tour, Part Fashion Show

The Church Basement Roadshow just might be coming your way.  Part revival, part book tour, and part fashion show – ok, it doesn't bill itself as a fashion show, but the guys wear odd clothes – The Church Basement Roadshow promises to combine "old time revival flair with a 21st century gospel" (for full pressContinue reading “Part Revival, Part Book Tour, Part Fashion Show”

“Tradition” is not the Millennials’ problem

I recently attended a discussion for church leaders on ministry with Millennials (the so-called Generation Y, or those who were born from the late 1970’s through to the turn of the century).  Within the discussion it was assumed that members of this generation do not like "traditional" worship, "traditional" Sunday School, "traditional" Bible studies, theContinue reading ““Tradition” is not the Millennials’ problem”

The Lord’s Prayer in video

Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw this video of The Lord’s Prayer in multiple languages accompanied by a great, modern soundtrack while showing images of everyday city life (link takes you to page with three free videos – click on full movie icon for The Lord’s Prayer video).  Until now I hadContinue reading “The Lord’s Prayer in video”

Sustaining Emergent

A post by Sarcastic Lutheran got me thinking about worshiping communities, mission, and financial sustainability.  She writes about traveling to Detroit at the invitation of the Bishop’s Office to explore the possibility of a planting a postmodern, emergent ministry in an arts community adjacent to Wayne State University.  This pocket of artsy folks is otherwiseContinue reading “Sustaining Emergent”