Seeing Reality in Cara Sucia

Our final two days in El Salvador took us to Cara Sucia and surrounding communities, on the western border with Guatemala.  It reminded me of Lobato in terms of the level of poverty – which had houses made of clay brick or cinder block, roofs of corrugated steel – though Cara Sucia seemed a bitContinue reading “Seeing Reality in Cara Sucia”

Small Country, Big Church

Today´s travels in El Salvador took us to the UCA (Universidad Centroamericana) and to San Lorenzo, a small community near the coast.  In both places we witnessed the struggles of the Salvadoran people and the global church´s solidarity with El Salvador. At the UCA we visited the Oscar Romero Center for Theological Studies (if IContinue reading “Small Country, Big Church”


(Please see previous posts for more details about our church´s mission trip to El Salvador, from where I´m writing this post.  Frankly, there´s more substance in those previous posts, as this post is pretty thin today.  Sorry!) Today was a day of transition for our group.  Pastor Mike returned home, and for the first time weContinue reading “Transition”

Walking With the Salvadoran Lutheran Church

One of the ways we have described our mission trip to El Salvador has been with the words, "walk with."  Our intention on this our first trip to El Salvador is to walk with the Salvadoran people in their daily lives, and particularly to walk with the Lutheran Church of El Salvador.  To this end,Continue reading “Walking With the Salvadoran Lutheran Church”