El Salvador Itinerary

I am part of a group of six members of my congregation traveling to El Salvador from August 1 through August 11.  Our goal is to learn about the Lutheran Church in El Salvador, walk with them for a few days of their faith journey, and initiate a relationship of mutual support and shared ministryContinue reading “El Salvador Itinerary”

Clerical Collar Etiquette

I do not remember receiving a seminar or guidelines in “clerical collar etiquette” when I was in seminary.  From what I understand, it used to be taught.  But not any more. I think, in part, this is because I was taught mostly by Baby Boomers who are largely ambivalent about authority and power, having rejectedContinue reading “Clerical Collar Etiquette”

Comment: The Sermon Manuscript is a Must

Dwight, who blogs over at Versus Populum, offered quite the contrarian comment on my recent post, I Preached Without a Manuscript.  Whereas most folks who commented (and who spoke to me at church that day) respond positively to the idea of preaching without a word-for-word manuscript, Dwight takes a sermon more seriously if it isContinue reading “Comment: The Sermon Manuscript is a Must”

A Different Kind of Faith Conversation – Freedom

Tonight’s Summer Faith Fellowship (described here and here) will be about Freedom.  These Summer Faith Fellowships are conversations about life that lead to a conversation of faith. Beginning with a discussion of our own experiences of freedom and reflections on what it means to be free (particularly as we approach July 4), we will thenContinue reading “A Different Kind of Faith Conversation – Freedom”

I Preached Without a Manuscript

Today I preached hands-free – that is, there were no pages to turn because I did not use a manuscript.  This was the first time I had ever preached without a manuscript. Several weeks ago after observing my friend Nate preach without any notes, I committed to giving paperless preaching a try (I described Nate’sContinue reading “I Preached Without a Manuscript”