A Butt-Kicking

I’m getting my (insert term for gludius maximus) kicked on internship.  Transitioning from a summer of childcare which, though exhausting, provided me with ample daily naps and a rather casual work setting, to a new church where I’m struggling to learn names, wrap my head around the particular tasks of ministry at this place, meetingContinue reading “A Butt-Kicking”

The coin doesn’t repent (neither does the sheep)

I’m preparing my sermon for September 16 (yes, it’s early in my internship and I have time to work on a sermon two weeks in advance).  The gospel text, Luke 15:1-10, includes Jesus’ parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin.  Both of these stories celebrate the finding of that something which was lostContinue reading “The coin doesn’t repent (neither does the sheep)”