Prelude to Posting on Common Prayer

My friend Derek has a good Carnival going that is exploring Common Prayer.  I admit to having some fundamental questions about the whole notion of a Common Prayer, and the (overdone?) role that worship practices play in the ELCA’s ecumenical dialog.  Why must Christian Unity be evidenced in worship?  What of the other 167 hoursContinue reading “Prelude to Posting on Common Prayer”

The Company of Saints

I was recently with a Roman Catholic family in the final hours of their loved one’s life.  A priest came and administered the Anointing of the Sick (what we used to call "Last Rites").  During the prayers the priest called on various saints to pray for the patient – from Abraham and David, to MaryContinue reading “The Company of Saints”

Daily Lectionary Question

I’ve been praying a form of daily prayer compiled from a few different sources.  For readings, I am using the Revised Common Lectionary daily readings, which are outlined in Evangelical Lutheran Worship.  According to the note in the ELW, The readings are chosen so that the days leading up to Sunday (Thursday through Saturday) prepareContinue reading “Daily Lectionary Question”