10 Commandments in Prayer?

A Blessed Hallows Eve and Reformation Day to all! I’ve been praying a slightly modified form of the Suffrages from Evangelical Lutheran Worship for about two months.  (To view the Suffrages in .pdf format, click here and scroll to the final few pages of the document.)  I pray this on the train to and fromContinue reading “10 Commandments in Prayer?”

Disagreeing With, Yet Appreciating, The Society

I’ve been skeptical and critical of sub- or pan-denominational organizations that seek to reform or influence the denomination with a particular type of piety, practice or truth.  In our Lutheran tradition, Word Alone and The Society of the Holy Trinity (STS) come to mind.  I’m a former member of Word Alone, and have had manyContinue reading “Disagreeing With, Yet Appreciating, The Society”

What Shall We Pray?

I have offered to lead a weekly devotion on Tuesday mornings at 6AM, starting in September.  This devotion – to be held at the train station coffee shop prior to the Philadelphia-bound 6:44AM Express train – is to provide commuters and others with an opportunity for prayer and reflection in the midst of the workContinue reading “What Shall We Pray?”

Path, Practice and Knowing God

I recently insulted my friend Derek, who blogs over at haligweorc. He has described the liturgy as a true path to knowing the Living Jesus. And Derek is not alone. Many Christians – not just Anglo-Catholics, Roman Catholics or disciples of Gordon Lathrop – are dedicated to the liturgy as the chief ministry of theContinue reading “Path, Practice and Knowing God”