Praising God, Honoring Country

This Memorial Day weekend countless congregations will celebrate an unholy alliance of God & Country with services that blatantly blur patriotic celebration and Christian worship.  Here are a few draft guidelines for Christian Worship and the celebration of national holidays: When Christians gather for our primary worship on Sunday mornings, we gather around the RisenContinue reading “Praising God, Honoring Country”

Christian Worship & the Pastor’s Personality

Without the "authority" of Rome or even Canteburry, and with the adiaphora-laden ambiguity of our American Lutheran tradition, what is the determining factor in shaping a Lutheran congregation’s worship life? Surely culture is part of the mix.  Our worship generally reflects the cultural background of the worshippers – German chorales, Negro spirituals, English hymnody, etc.Continue reading “Christian Worship & the Pastor’s Personality”

Church Style vs. Church Substance: Style Wins!

Preface: I know that what you’re about to read sounds absolutely nuts.  And yes, I’ve overstated my argument for the sake of discussion . . . but sadly, it’s basically true. I’m convinced that style is more important than substance to most church attendees. The substance can’t be utter crap, but given a modicum ofContinue reading “Church Style vs. Church Substance: Style Wins!”