Christian Assembly: Marks of the Church in a Pluralistic Age

The only benefit of a long travel day (with a delayed connection at O’Hare) is that I’ve been able to read much of this wonderful book by Gordon Lathrop and Timothy Wengert.  I’m about 2/3 through it and already look forward to reading it again . . . In short, they’ve gone about the projectContinue reading “Christian Assembly: Marks of the Church in a Pluralistic Age”

On Worship “Style” – a virtual conversation

anton Dwight P. from Minneapolis gave a thoughful response to my recent post about welcoming, relevant, contemporary worship.  Here’s my response with his comments in italics. Dwight: I’m a high-church, bells-and-smells, pipe-organ-demanding, historic texts hearing Lutheran. And from that perspecive, I think you either make or report in your post at least four assumptions thatContinue reading “On Worship “Style” – a virtual conversation”

On Being Welcoming, Relevant (& Contemporary?) in Worship

I have a great job – I get paid to visit Lutheran churches.  Actually, that’s not what I get paid for, but a large part of my job involves traveling to Lutheran congregations and meeting with their pastors and lay leaders.  I have visited congregations from Northern Virginia through New England, and have been blessedContinue reading “On Being Welcoming, Relevant (& Contemporary?) in Worship”