Lutheranism 101: Culture or Confession?

I’m not sure if she’s been reading my blog (I doubt it, actually), but Kathryn Kleinhans of Wartburg College answers my question What Does It Mean to be Lutheran in the new issue of The Lutheran magazine.  Lutheranism 101: Culture or Confession is an excellent article outlining core themes of our Lutheran identity: Justification byContinue reading “Lutheranism 101: Culture or Confession?”

Pink Shoes is Lutheran

Our sister Pink Shoes, who blogs over at Pink Shoes in the Pulpit, loves the abundant grace proclaimed by our tradition.  "I simply love the power of the sacraments as means of God’s grace: celebrate them honestly, gather frequently, share the Good News, and live with the knowledge that, sinner though you are, you areContinue reading Pink Shoes is Lutheran”

Brett is Lutheran

Brett, a recent graduate of The College of William and Mary (my fair alma mater), has a deeply personal experience of God’s grace and love.  For her, Lutheranism acknowledges "that I am the worst of sinners" and yet also pours out an "exuberance" of grace "day after day." Read her personal and passionate account ofContinue reading Brett is Lutheran”