Colbert v. Stewart, and brief thoughts on clergy authenticity

There's lots of love out there right now in the religious world – well, in the Comedy Central-watching religious left world, anyway – for Stephen Colbert.  Several outlets have picked up on a Religious News Service (RNS) piece, Behind Colbert's right-wing funnyman, a quiet faith, and it is making its rounds among my friends andContinue reading “Colbert v. Stewart, and brief thoughts on clergy authenticity”

Knick-Knack Jesus OK in VA

I just read Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's opinion regarding the constitutionality of religious displays on public ground during the holidays, including displays of Jesus (pdf document of opinion; Washington Post blogpost on the matter). The sad thing is this: displays of Jesus are allowed on public ground so long as such displays are "notContinue reading “Knick-Knack Jesus OK in VA”

Trying to Make Sense of Israel and Gaza and a Lutheran Bishop

Today I had the privilege of attending a briefing at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC for leaders in the faith community regarding Israel's interception of six boats bound for Gaza with humanitarian supplies, an incident that turned deadly on one of the vessels.  A high level officer at the embassy gave a statementContinue reading “Trying to Make Sense of Israel and Gaza and a Lutheran Bishop”

Shut up about Washington, will ya?

I've lived in the DC-area for nearly three years, and "inside the beltway" for 18 months.  If I were to believe everything that politicians would tell me – particularly the anti-incumbent challengers making life difficult for so many established elected leaders, both Republican and Democrat – I should be pretty sleazy by about now.  YouContinue reading “Shut up about Washington, will ya?”

National Day of Prayer declared unconstitutional

Yesterday the United States District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin declared that the National Day of Prayer is an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion.  Though I'm generally a big fan of keeping church and state separate, I'll reserve comment on the particulars of this case until I read the ruling (found here, asContinue reading “National Day of Prayer declared unconstitutional”