The Question of When, and The Parable of the Piñata

First Sunday of Advent
Isaiah 2:1-5; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44
Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grace to you and peace, from the one who is, who was, and who is to come.  Amen.

“But about that day and hour no one knows,” Jesus says,
    “neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
What day, what hour does Jesus speak about here?
The day and hour when the “Son of Man” will come in judgment
    to remake and reorder the world according to God’s priorities.
That’s the day and the hour of which Jesus speaks in the first verse of today’s Gospel,
    and it is a day and an hour that even Jesus doesn’t know.
Nobody knows when these things will take place, Jesus says.
    Not angels, not Jesus, nobody.
But it will take place.
In this way, the coming of the Kingdom of God
    is like a bunch of kids hitting a piñata at a party.

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