New Year’s Mix Tape – new iPod edition

It’s been a while since my Weekly Mix Tape made an appearance here.  I had only about 120 songs on my Inno, a cool combination XM Radio receiver and MP3 player.  Creating a random assortment of 10 songs from the same 120 songs was getting old.  But for Christmas Dad gave me an 80GB iPodContinue reading “New Year’s Mix Tape – new iPod edition”

My Weekly Mix Tape – nothing special edition

Just a weekly mix tape.  No accompanying story.  Sorry. The Beatles – Lovely RitaPet Shop Boys – DiscotecaDada – PostersThe Breeders – Drivin’ on 9New Order – WorldThe B-52’s – Love ShackErasure – All This Time Still Falling Out of LoveDepeche Mode – World in My EyesMoby – If Things Were PerfectThe Cure – Lullaby