My Weekly Mix Tape – Back from the stone age edition

Here at the gecko-surrounded homestead Jimmy the Verizon FiOS guy used a few wires and a drill to usher us from the stone age into the twenty-first century.  Now, rather than steal a neighbor’s weak wireless internet signal, I can surf the web with reckless abandon on my strong, wireless, encrypted, $40/month internet connection. WithContinue reading “My Weekly Mix Tape – Back from the stone age edition”

My Weekly Mix Tape – New Home Edition

Although I sometimes struggle to find my XM Satellite Radio and MP3-playing inno among partially-unpacked boxes of junkola, here is my weekly mix tape: Jars of Clay – Tea & SympathyErasure – Who Needs Love Like ThatThe Cranberries – LingerThe Breeders – RoiThe Smiths – Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One BeforePetContinue reading “My Weekly Mix Tape – New Home Edition”

My Weekly Mix Tape – Moving Edition

It’s moving day, folks! This week’s edition of My Weekly Mix Tape comes to you, for the last time, from ZIP code 18901.  Inspired by the sight of all our worldly possessions in boxes (about 150 in all – 1/3 of which are books), I am drawing this week’s 10 tune Mix Tape at randomContinue reading “My Weekly Mix Tape – Moving Edition”