Who is Chris?

My name is Chris. I am a husband, father, pastor, National Guardsman, baseball fan, sometime runner, and political junkie.

Among other things, I’ve sold communion wafers, taught high school Spanish, prayed with people as they died, blessed babies, won a high school state championship, published a few small things, pulled a burning man out of a burning truck, narrowly avoided arrest in Ecuador, and joined the Army in my late 30s.

1 Response to Who is Chris?

  1. Ruth Boettcher says:

    Chris, a few years ago on your blog you wrote about Advent and the prayers beginning with “stir up.” At the Saturday evening service at which we have fewer than 20 people prior to the Sunday of our Christmas program, I’m going to do a “Stir Up” service based on Old Testament verses. I’ll adapt what comes from this site:
    “ADVENT: Stir-up Sunday. The service incorporating ‘The 19th Century Old Testament Cake Recipe…” I thought that a fun way to wind to an end the OT part of the Narrative Lectionary (how I “know” you). I’ll make some adjustments to the NL schedule with Isaiah and then John’s prologue.

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