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Onomia, Oh My!

Today I visited Camp Onomia, one of the outdoor ministries of the ELCA, located just two hours northwest of Saint Paul in the Mille Lacs area. And I am so glad I did! Camp Onomia is set on beautiful Shakopee … Continue reading

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“That was fun. Are we doing it again next week?”

We are formed in life and faith through repeated action. This is especially true for children. How can we offer a consistent, patterned, and participatory environment for children in worship?
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Short-term commitment to church? I can relate.

I don’t begrudge folks who slip into the church for a time and then find themselves away. Rather, part of what we’re called to do in the church is to walk with people where they’re at, and in that moment strive to be a welcoming community of Christ for them. Our doors are open.
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Questioning My Commitments to “The System”

I leaned over to a pastor friend of mine and said, “It’s events such as this that make me question my commitment to traditional forms of worship and ministry.”
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Shiny Jesus, and His Shiny Happy Kingdom

We are not destined to stay huddled down on – or buried in – the ground forever, but instead we are destined, at our Lord’s call and touch, to rise up with him in new life.
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Bustin’ Unions, or Bustin’ Faith? Why Diana Butler Bass is wrong about Scott Walker

I'm a bit shocked that Diana Butler Bass makes an unfair and unwarranted attack on Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, assulting the supposed role of his faith in his confrontation with state Senate Democrats and the government employee unions. If … Continue reading

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Loving our enemies – and our youth – for the sake of the Gospel

Lectionary 7 (Seventh Sunday after Epiphany)Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18; Matthew 5:38-48Sunday, February 20, 2011 Lectionary 7 Year A 2011 Grace to you and peace, from the one who is, who was, and who is to come.  Amen. Last week’s Confirmation Class … Continue reading

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