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Why I Left the Revised Common Lectionary Behind

The RCL’s treatment of the Old Testament is almost criminal. And other problems. Continue reading

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Creating Space for Communion Before Baptism

Who is welcome to receive Holy Communion? Are all invited to receive the sacrament? All baptized Christians? Or, all baptized Christians who believe that Christ is truly present in the sacrament? Variations on these three invitations can be found printed … Continue reading

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Do Worship Leaders Hide in Worship?

It is an odd proposition – do worship leaders hide in worship? Even though they’re standing up front, in the most visible part of the worship space, leading the congregation in prayer and praise and acts of worship, are they … Continue reading

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Morning Prayer Following the Elections

Tomorrow at my congregation, Grace Lutheran on the East Side of Saint Paul, we will gather to pray for our state and nation following the elections. Please join us – in person, or in spirit. Morning Prayer On the Occasion of … Continue reading

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Talking about Politics and Sexuality at Church

This November, Minnesota voters will have the chance to accept or reject a proposed state constitutional amendment that would write a definition of marriage into the state constitution. Understanding the sensitivities that arise when talking in the church about either politics or … Continue reading

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Pastor’s Approach: Funerals

I’ve been writing monthly newsletter articles about my approach to various aspects of congregational ministry – worship, sacraments, weddings, funerals, and so forth. A few months ago I wrote about funerals, but hadn’t yet posted the article online. To see … Continue reading

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A Dead Poet’s Society of Church Readers

The Word of God is living and active. The words we read in church have power. Dead Poets Society can be instructive for all who read the Bible in Christian worship.
Continue reading

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