Vom Himmel Hoch

Vom Himmel Hoch is my favorite Christmas hymn (and the only hymn I refer to by tune name, for some reason).  I was in the church choir growing up – I was the bass section for three years – and we sang this hymn on Christmas Eve, variously alternating verses between soloist, choir a capella,Continue reading “Vom Himmel Hoch”

Sensitivity and Exaggeration in “Ground Zero Mosque” and Luke 13:10-17

“Ground Zero Mosque” opponents either exaggerate the implications of the mosque, or call on mosque leaders to be sensitive. In this sermon, I used these two hermeneutics – sensitivity and exaggeration – to examine the synagogue leader of Luke 13:10-17.

Martin Luther on Prayer

In a letter to his barber, Martin Luther recommends that Christians pray the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed and Lord’s Prayer.  Yet beyond reciting these traditional texts, he suggests that after each line or phrase of these texts we meditate upon them in a “four-fold garland” method of praying: Instruction: seek what these words have toContinue reading “Martin Luther on Prayer”