My goal on this blog is simple: to offer semi-intelligent, heart-felt reflections on Christian ministry, faith, and life, as it happens.

Martin Luther once said that he banishes the Devil by breaking wind. “I resist the Devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away.”* The work of casting out demons is both deeply spiritual and incredibly quotidian.

Hence my Lutheran Zephyr is a light Lutheran wind; or, a way to banish the devil.

The Posts

The Passions

Separation of church and state, the life of the church, justice, Latin America, baseball, and running are among the passions I’ve written about here.

The Poster

The guy behind the pixels, on my way to pick up some hoagies and cheesesteaks.

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The Parameters

I write for my church elsewhere.

This blog is not professional but instead is a personal, poorly branded, uncurated repository of various ideas and insights gleaned whilst hemmed in by the Alpha and the Omega.

* This is a legitimate quote! It can be found in Martin Luther’s Table Talk, No. 122: Treatment of Melancholy, Despair, etc. November 30, 1531, in Luther’s Works vol 54, page 15.