Eating e coli

Tonight I ate Taco Bell for dinner, despite the E Coli outbreak that has been linked to Taco Bell restaurants in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Why?  Well, I’ve been craving a Chalupa (beef, baja, with some fire sauce thrown on top) for weeks, and I’m working the overnight shift at the hospital, so I figure:

  1. I need a cheap, easy, quick dinner
  2. I can get what I want, not having to worry about what my wife or daughter wants
  3. If I get sick from eating at Taco Bell, I’m in a teaching hospital until 4:30 tomorrow afternoon
  4. The best time to eat at Taco Bell is during an E Coli outbreak, because under such circumstances they are much more careful about the food and how they prepare it

I ate six hours ago, and I’m feeling good.  Though I wont offer a play-by-play of my gastrointestinal activity, I’ll let you know if this thing turns south.

About Lutheran Zephyr

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.
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4 Responses to Eating e coli

  1. You drive me crazy. Now they’ve discovered that the outbreak probably originated in Philly – not NJ. Not to mention that they are shutting down the Taco Bells until they figure it all out. I hope you didn’t order green onions…
    – your loving wife

  2. Bruce says:

    Nice to see you two finding time to talk.

  3. Nathan says:

    Chris 1
    Taco Bell 0

  4. Josh says:

    Yup, it’s official, you are not only a freak, you are a freak that lives life on the edge!

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