When I started blogging about 2 years ago, I rolled my eyes at blogs that had endlessly long blog rolls adorning their blog homepage side columns.  Well, now I must roll my eyes at my own page.

Though I’m blogging like Bobby Abreu is hitting these days (little production on this blog, little production from the batter formerly known as a great singles hitter – .253 on the season, .045 over the past week), I still read blogs.  I recently cleaned up the feeds in my Google Reader and "the feeds in my Google Reader" blog roll list on the left hand column of my blog homepage.  I have 74 blog feeds in my Google Reader – 74!  26 of them update on average at least every other day, with 9 being dailies (one of the feeds updates about 5+ times per day). 

Needless to say, I don’t read all of these blogs, all of their posts, and surely not most of their comments. I’ve accumulated these blogs over time, and though a few are dormant, most are still active and worthy of reading.  In fact, the interesting perspectives and observations, the questions, the stories, the tidbits shared by people I know only by zeros and ones . . . it has become an integral part of my reflection and intellectual exploration.  A few weeks away from my 2 year blogaversery, I wonder what these years would have been like without blogging?

Google Reader allows the user to tag blogs with certain descriptors, allowing me to select only the Lutheran blogs, the Baseball blogs, or my Favorite blogs at any one time, for example.  I might have to do this . . .

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