O Where, O Where Did My Disciplines Go?

The results are in from my annual physical, and they’ve got me pretty down:

I’m overweight.  I’m out of shape.  I have bad cholesterol.

Things have to change.  But with three children, a church job, little disposable time or income, and questionable will power, how do I make a change?

And after a week in which I feel that my lack of self discipline led me to prepare my sermon and adult forum at home on Friday and Saturday nights rather than during the week at church, I’m feeling pretty crummy about the state of my disciplines right about now.

Things have to change.  I need to make the time and space for better habits, better disciplines, better living.  But how?

Perhaps I should start with reading a Joel Osteen book . . . 😉

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7 thoughts on “O Where, O Where Did My Disciplines Go?

  1. I’m in the same boat…last time I bought clerics I had to buy another size larger than the time before, and the new ones are choking me already.
    I’ve decided to start making one little change each week with hopes of having more of a lifestyle change than a diet or regimen. This week it is bye bye to excessive coffee and soda I consume in favor of water and teas.
    Next week: Short brisk walks each day.

  2. Discipline, when it comes to health and exercise is a tough one. I have been battling this for a while. I like what LP said — basically take baby steps. Celebrate little victories and don’t get down when you stumble.
    For me what helped was to announce to my congregation what my goals were. Now they keep me focused and hold me accountable by asking me pretty frequently how I am doing. Making life style changes alone is pretty tough.
    Good luck and I will be praying for you.

  3. Atta boy Chris…”Be a Better You!” lol
    Seriously, this is something that I struggle with as well. It is difficult to find the time for self care, but find it we must.

  4. mmm… so you aren’t the only one in this battle. truly i’d pick one thing and focus on it 21 days. then if you’ve done it that long, every day… then add thing#2… it takes about 3 weeks to turn the tide from “chore” to “healthy habit”.
    (and so yes the celery remains in the fridge, and i ate leftover chocolate truffles… by 21 days doesn’t start til the chocolate is gone right?)

  5. I too struggle with these problems. Over the past year I have slowly changed to a healthier lifestyle. I started with eating healthier, less processed foods and making time to eat at the table instead of the car or on the go. I also switched to drinking more water (seltzer has been great!) Then I began spiritual direction again, yoga and meditation. Wanting to look good for my sister’s wedding in August I started running in early summer. So far it is going well, but recently with Derek’s new job I have had a hard time fitting it all in.
    It is all about stewardship when you really think about it. Our bodies are not ours, they are God’s and just on loan to us. Therefore we need to take good care of them.
    I wish you all the best in your quest for a healthier you and of course will keep you in my prayers.

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