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The blog has been slowing down over the past month or so.  Not counting this post, I have written only five posts since Memorial Day.  There were times when I was writing five in a week's time.  Well, with three children, last month's Approval for Ordination interview and decision, and various church stuff going on, the blog has taken a back seat.  I wonder if the blog will end . . . it was born, after all, as my outlet to explore thoughts of theology and ministry while I was working outside the parish setting.  But now that I am in an internship and, more importantly, moving toward my ordination and call to a congregation, I wonder if this blog will no longer be necessary, or if it will serve the same purpose.  We'll see.

I just got back from synod assembly.  It was relatively low-key as far as synod assemblies go.  But besides seeing all kinds of folks, one of my highlights was serving as a liturgical streamer bearer, or as the Bishop called it, "that twirly thing."  These streamers were on the longest fishing pole I had ever seen – about 30 feet – and the streamers themselves were about 25 feet long, perhaps.  We held worship in a large gymnasium and two of us had these long streamers to swirl and twirl above the people during the processional hymn, the Gospel procession, and the recessional hymn.  Only once did we bang our twirlies and get tangled up . . . oh well.

Also, I've been preaching every Sunday for the past few weeks, but not at my internship church.  I've been preaching Sunday afternoons at the English-language service of an independent Korean Christian church.  The primary service is in Korean, but I serve the English-language service which is attended by non-Korean speaking children and spouses of the Korean membership.  It is a fascinating and interesting experience.  There is no lectionary, so I have been taking the opportunity to preach on stories that rarely – if ever – appear in the lectionary (tomorrow, for example, I'm preaching on Judges 6:11-24 – The Call of Gideon.  I've also preached on Deuteronomy 7:6-11, and Matthew 17:1-23, vs. 14-23 not appearing in the lectionary). 

That's the update.  If I get any deeper thoughts and an abiding desire to post them online, you'll be the first to know.  Thanks!

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