The Holy Gospel according to my 5 year-old

Today my five year-old daughter Talitha, who is in her first full week of Kindergarten, demonstrated her understanding of the Gospel and the resurrection to me.  This all took place while we were walking home from school.

Tali: Do you know what the biggest rule at my school is?
Daddy: No, Tali, what is it?

Tali: (in stern voice) No pretend guns.  Because if we had pretend guns, someone could be cheating, and bring a real gun.  And then someone could get hurt.
Daddy: That's not good.

Tali: No.  But you know, Daddy, what I remember?
Daddy: What do you remember?

Tali: You know Jesus?  He died on the cross.  But then he rose again.  He lived.
Daddy: That's right, Tali.

Tali: And so, you know, if we died from a real gun, we would rise again.  Just like Jesus!
Daddy: That's right, Tali.  We will rise again.  That's good news.

Tali: You know how I remember that?
Daddy: How?

Tali: It's in my Bible we read at night.
Daddy: Yes, Tali.  Great job.  I'm glad you know all this.  And I'm glad you like to read your Bible.

Read & Learn Bible
If you ever needed a testimony to the power of daily reading the Bible with your children, here it is.  By the way, the Bible we use is the American Bible Society's Read and Learn Bible, published by Scholastic.  It is the best children's Bible I've ever seen . . .

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5 thoughts on “The Holy Gospel according to my 5 year-old

  1. Hi, Chris! Just an old friend from Haverford High School saying “hi” here. It’s great to hear that you and your family are walking in faith!
    All the best to you…

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