Surprised by Hope: Delay of Game

The blogpost due today on Chapter 4 of NT Wright's Surprised by Hope – part of a series on that book – will be delayed by one day.  A full day of work and chores, coupled with a very good Eagles-Cowboys game (in progress, as of this writing), are to blame.

Please check in later on Tuesday for reflections on Chapter 4, The Strange Story of Easter.

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One thought on “Surprised by Hope: Delay of Game

  1. Wow! What a Monday night football game! Sick game! Points are flying back and forth! Boy did DeSean Jackson lay an egg on the one yard line (memories of Fred-Ex)! I can’t wait to go up for the game in Philadelphia! Got my tickets off that face value site eSellOut (here is a link: )…This game goes to show you that while the Giants may have won last years Super Bowl…The Eagles and Cowboys are the class of the NFC East in 2008!

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