An Emergent Critic

Thanks to Lutherpunk for finding and posting the link to this valid critique of the Emergent movement. As all three of my frequent readers know, I am intrigued by and interested in the Emergent movement. But I have found it to be theologically lacking at times (my early posts on the topic wondered if the movement weren’t more form or style rather than substantive theology) and lacking a mooring in tradition. But I have also found it to be a wonderfully restless movement, calling the church into a new era – for that I appreciate what Emergent is doing, even if I don’t buy it hook, line and sinker.

Well, I have to do more reading on Emergent and Alt Worship in the coming months – I’ve been side tracked by current politics, divorce and vocation. But perhaps the New Year will bring me opportunity to do more reading on emerging forms of church . . .

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