Daily Prayer around Second Sunday after Epiphany

The Daily Prayer Page has been updated to include prayers and daily lectionary readings for the days leading to and flowing from the Second Sunday after the Epiphany (January 17 through January 23).  This is a busy week, as it includes several commemorations and a festival: January 17 – Commemoration of Antony of Egypt JanuaryContinue reading “Daily Prayer around Second Sunday after Epiphany”

Podcasting Problem: Converting WAV to MP3 format

Earlier this week I began a simple Daily Prayer Podcast.  With a Micromemo voice recorder on my 80 GB iPod Classic it is really easy to create a pretty good recording (this ain’t recording studio stuff, but good enough for me).  The only problem is that the Micromemo creates WAV files – which are hugeContinue reading “Podcasting Problem: Converting WAV to MP3 format”

Daily Prayer Podcasts . . .

I’m dabbling with a new aspect of my Daily Prayer blogging – podcasting the Daily Prayer over at my new Daily Prayer Podcast site.  Neither the site nor the podcast are not too fancy.  The site needs work and the podcast is just me reciting a slightly amended version of the Order of Daily Prayer,Continue reading “Daily Prayer Podcasts . . .”